"Town within a town" development one stage closer to realisation

In the area known as the Aeussere Lorzenallmend (outer area of (former) common land by the River Lorze), a huge new development is planned. In fact it is so big that it is referred to as “a town within a town”. Now it is one stage closer to realisation, even though it is not expected to be completed in its entirety until 2038 or even 2048

Indeed, no fewer than 3,000 people are expected to live there in the future, the development also providing workplaces for 5,000, all on a huge 100,000 square-metre site predominantly owned by the Corporation of Zug.
It is actually in the area surrounded by the current Chollerstrasse and the River Lorze itself that this new residential and commercial property is to be built; with the firm of architects commissioned to design it all, the “:mlzd” company of Biel, busy working out how to integrate a new centre into the development. They are also planning an area of parkland directly by the River Lorze connecting up with the adjacent Riedmatt development on the eastern side.

The ground floors of the buildings have been earmarked for shops, offices and other service providers, all in an attempt to ensure it is all very much lived-in. Furthermore, the public will have access to areas of open space between the individual buildings and these have been earmarked for sporting and recreational purposes, other parts landscaped simply for people to stroll through and enjoy themselves.
In addition to the Corporation of Zug owning the land, so do, too, though on a much smaller scale, the WWZ AG utility company and the Alfred Müller AG property development company. The latter demolished property it had on adjoining Steinhauserstrasse years ago and already had permission to build on this site, but, in a move praised by city planner Harald Klein, it decided to wait to ensure whatever was built fitted in with the main development.
While there are some circles who regard this whole project with some scepticism, it is not thought there will be many objections raised. Furthermore, the development fits in very well with the canton’s policy of building to greater density.    

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