In Switzerland taxes are levied at three different levels, as follows:

1. Federal Level - direct federal tax levied on income of individuals. On the federal level, the Confederation of Switzerland has its own tax laws applicable to the whole of Switzerland and which therefore apply equally to all cantons.

2. Cantonal Level - Cantonal tax on income and net wealth of individuals.

3. Municipal Level - municipal taxes as a surcharge on Zug's basic cantonal tax.

Zug is well known for its low taxation levels and is therefore often described as a tax haven.

Depending on your  permit and income, you will either be taxed at source or will pay normal income tax at the end of each year. To find out which one applies to you, consult your HR department or contact the local tax authorities.


Tax Administration of the Canton Zug
Bahnhofstrasse 26
6301 Zug
Tel. + 41 41 728 26 11
Fax + 41 41 728 26 95

You can also consult the tax calculator

The standard VAT rate in Switzerland is 8% since January 2011. There is a special rate of 3.8% for accommodation services. There is also a reduced 2.5% rate  for: food, water, agricultural & medical products, newspapers, magazines, books and some cultural services.