Sudden squalls wreak havoc at Chilbi fair

Sudden gusts of strong wind caused havoc at the Chilbi fair in Baar last Sunday as stands were blown over, their wares strewn all over the ground. Umbrellas were turned inside out and potted plants left keeled over on the pavement. Fortunately, no-one was injured, though they could easily have been.
Visitors to the fair on the Saturday had already had to brave the rain but it was this sudden squall at around 4 pm on Sunday which led Thomas Bürge, who was responsible for the fair, to say that it was the worst weather-related incident he had experienced there in thirty years. It was only through luck that damage was minor and no-one was injured.
What impressed Bürge was how the visitors to the fair rushed to help stallholders as, all of a sudden, items from their stands began to be blown all over the place, with some stalls completely blown over, as can be seen in the photograph. It was subsequently reported that windspeeds of up to 143 kph were measured on the 6,982’ Mount Pilatus to the south of Lucerne at this time.
Fearing further blasts of icy wind, some of the stallholders began to pack their items away, but, after few minutes, all had calmed down again.
The fair with all its attractions, this year making use of a closed Dorfstrasse for a market, continued until 7 pm on Monday.
Circus Knie, which was only in town last week and had since moved on to Bellinzona, was badly affected as the strong winds blew away part of the tent, leaving one workmen injured.  

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