Save the Children Charity Fundraiser raises over 14,000 CHF in Zug

Zug (and Pier 41 in particular) went back to the 80’s on April Fool’s Day to raise funds for Save the Children, the largest independent children’s rights organisation, and its work for the most deprived children worldwide.

Over 150 people came together dressed as characters from films such as Ghostbusters, Top Gun and Dynasty or as Pop-Stars such as Madonna, Adam Ant and Axel Rose to celebrate the 80’s and to raise funds for charity. Co-organisers Andaleeb Hayat-Lilley and Stutee Parmar collected over 20 prizes from local businesses in and around Zug which were raffled on the night – raising a further 3500 CHF. The charity benefit raised just under 13,000 CHF altogether for children in need. Several employees of Save the Children attended the event, including their CEO Ömer Güven who delivered a speech on the night highlighting the fact that the amount raised could provide good quality nutritious food for over 500 refugee children in Syria for one month.

Since the event, the amount raised has risen to 14,465 CHF as friends and family continue to make additional donations - this new total means that the amount of refugee children receiving aid for one month from the fundraiser has risen to 570.
Both organisers were absolutely thrilled with the event and its success.

Andaleeb Hayat-Lilley said “Stutee and I sat in Café Speck in Zug a few weeks before the event, looked at the figures and agreed that we may raise 9000 CHF although we both hoped for 10,000 CHF. A few days before the event we were offered 1000 CHF for two tickets from an anonymous donor which pushed the total to just under 10,000 CHF. We never expected the raffle to raise so much too – never have two women been happy to be so wrong!”  

Andaleeb and Stutee would like to thank everyone who supported and attended the event and the following businesses for their generosity!

Photos from the event by Ron Sumners can be seen here

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