Sale of number plates with distinctive figures brings in over CHF 1million

This has been the first year that the cantonal road traffic licensing department of Zug has been able to sell off number plates with striking figures. Now, following the fourth and final auction this year, Markus Feer, the head of the afore-mentioned authority, has revealed that sales have brought in CHF 1.1million.

It was in the first such auction that ZG 10 was bought by an anonymous buyer for as much as CHF 233,000. Then, at this last auction held in November when a further 23 car and seven motorcycle plates were sold off, CHF 164,530 was raised, someone paying CHF 52,000 for ZG 28.

Feer further disclosed that one plate with a six-digit number failed to sell, but there will be a further auction in spring.  

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