Practical Tips

Getting a telephone line:

Land line

You have a choice of going  through SWISSCOM or Wasser Werke Zug (WWZ) to get a land line for your phone. You will find the necessary information at the following links:
Wasser Werke Zug (information only in German)

You will also find a Swisscom Shop in the center of Zug located at the Baarerstrasse 25, 6300 Zug/ZG or a Wasser Werke Shop at the Metalli Shopping Center. They have all the order forms in English available there and are very helpful with filling in the necessary forms.

You are free to choose another carrier for cheaper calls. 

BILLAG - Reception Fees

Every household in Switzerland is legally obliged to pay the radio and television fee. Your fee contributes to the public service offered by radio and television broadcasting in Switzerland. More info here

Mobile line

For a mobile phone, you may choose to use three of the main providers: Swisscom, Salt and Sunrise.
You may want to see the options they offer at the following links:



There are many providers for your internet connection. You may choose to go through cable or a telephone line depending on where you live.

The cable providers are:

Wasser Werke Zug  (they don't have the site in English) but have a store in the Metalli Centre. The personel speaks Englis.


Stadt Antennen Baar  (if you live in Baar)

General Opening Hours in Switzerland

This information is just a general one. Stores, Post Offices and Offices have different opening times according to the size or location of the business.


Mo,Tu,We,Fr     08.00 h - 19.00h (smaller stores and boutiques might open at 09.00/10.00 h)
Th                      08.00 h - 21.00 h (smaller stores and boutiques might close at 18.30h)
Sa                      08.00 h - 17.00 h (smaller stores and boutiques might close at 16.00h)
Su                     CLOSED

At the train station in Zug you will find different stores that are open 365 days a year until 20.00 h - these include a grocery store, a flower shop, a cd store, a hairdresser, a pharmacy.

Post Offices

Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr     08.00 h - 12.00 h and 13.00 h - 18.00 h
Sa                               08.00 h - 11.30 h
Su                               CLOSED

Office Hours

Mo - Fr   08.00 h - 12.00 h and 13.00 h - 17.00 h
Sa, Su    CLOSED


Electricity in Switzerland is 220 Volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. You can use a voltage converter for your electrical appliances but most people decide to buy new equipment when moving here.

The following link will show you which plugs are used in Switzerland

Speed limits, alcohol limit
Standard speed limits are 50 kph in built-up areas, 80kph on country roads and 120 kph on motorways. A special speed limit of 30 kph is being introduced in an increasing number of residential districts. The alcohol limit for drivers is 0.5 o/oo.

You will find a listing of the Foreign Embassies in Swizerland

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