Police dogs find discarded tool and wallet

A member of the public and two police dogs were instrumental in enabling officers to arrest two men in connection with a theft from a car early last Thursday morning.

The incident happened at around 2 am on 31 January when a resident in the Garten City area heard a loud noise. From his flat he was able to see how two men had smashed the window of a car. He immediately called the police, who were soon on the scene, though the two men had run off. Fortunately, one of them was able to be apprehended on Nordstrasse a few minutes later.

As mentioned, two police dogs were also involved in the case, with one of them, Wyk, on the left in the photograph, able to sniff out a tool used to break into the car discarded by one of them a few metres away. A wallet stolen from the car, which was also subsequently discarded by the thieves, was also able to be retrieved, this time thanks to Harvey (on the right in the photograph).

The two men turned out to be two Tunisian nationals, one 33 years old, the other 39. In fast-track proceedings the younger one was given a 100-day unconditional sentence for theft, criminal damage and other offences connected with the Aliens’ Act. His older accomplice was found guilty of the same charges and handed a 90-day unconditional sentence. He is already serving his sentence though the punishment meted out to the younger one is not yet legally binding.    

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