Passer-by restrains thief until police arrive

A passer-by came to the assistance of the woman victim of a thief in the city on Monday evening.
The incident happened shortly after 6 pm at an undisclosed location in the city when a 50-year-old man stole items of food from a 34-year-old woman’s shopping bag. When she asked for her goods to be returned, the man threatened her verbally.
Fortunately, a 30-year-old man, who happened to be passing by, noticed what had happened, and came to the woman’s assistance by restraining the thief until the police arrived, despite having been threatened by the 50-year-old, who was subsequently arrested. Other passers-by also stopped to assist.
Showing civil courage in this way is very much appreciated by the police. Keeping a close eye on incidents such as these, rather than looking away, is to be encouraged. Often all that is needed is to make a call to the police using one’s mobile phone or get other passers-by to assist, too. Making a mental note of miscreants’ appearance, the number of any vehicle used and in which direction it is driven off, is also very useful in helping the police with their enquiries.
However, what the police would like to emphasise is that under no circumstances should one put oneself in danger.

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