New chairman of Crypto Valley Association appointed

Last week, Daniel Haudenschild, a former manager at Swisscom, was appointed successor to Oliver Bussmann as chairman of the Crypto Valley Association (CVA) at its AGM, four others also being elected to sit on the board. However, it was announced following the meeting that two other board members had announced their resignation.

It was last November that Bussmann had announced he would not be standing for re-election to the role, along with other board members Vasily Suvorov, Nicolas Schobinger and René Husler, the latter of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

In the case of Nicolas Schopinger, a former manager of the German-based SAP software company and of UBS, who also runs a consultancy business in Zug, allegations had been made by the independent Swiss online economics journal Finews that he and other members had been making use of their roles at the Crypto Valley Association to further their own ends.

As mentioned, Haudenschild (photograph) was, until a few days ago, head of the blockchain division at Swisscom, though the company declined to give any explanation about his departure.

The other new members appointed to the board of the CVA last Thursday included Kevin Lally, Kamales Lardi, Mattia Rattaggi and Martin Beweger.

Scarecly had the AGM finished, however, that Maria Gomez and Jenna Zenk announced they would be resigning forthwith, both having been appointed last September “as women members”.

In a subsequent post on Twitter, Zenk said she had resigned on account of a short video taken at the AGM showing one committee member strongly criticising the one-sided nature of the board, it being made up of “lawyers, investors and consultants”.  

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