My ambition to be a priestess in the Catholic church

At the end of last month, the Business and Professional Women’s Club of Zug (BPWCZ) invited Jacqueline Straub to talk about her ambition to become a priestess in the Catholic church.
Straub studied Catholic religious literature in Freiburg im Breisgau (50 kilometres to the north of Basel in Germany) as well as in Fribourg (80 kilometres to the south of Basel in Switzerland), and indeed in Lucerne, too. In fact, it is at this last-named institution that she recently gained a master’s degree “summa cum laude”, the highest of three types of honours awarded. However, despite having all these academic qualifications, she is not able to practise her profession, as women remain barred from the job.
In talking to members of the BPWCZ, she mentioned how she felt sure that society in general and Pope Francis, too, were ready to accept women in this role, even though this development would not take place under the current pope.
Straub herself, of course, feels it is only right women should be able to become priestesses in the Catholic church. Indeed, to this end she is contact with many women of similar ilk throughout the world. To spread her word further, she has even set up her own website, entitled, through which she wants to bring a more modern church to people. Until she gets the opportunity to carry out her vocation, she is busy as a speaker, journalist and authoress, one of her books being entitled, “Young Catholic and Feminine”, with another “Being a Priestess at last”.
The second photograph shows Straub on the left with the co-chairwoman of the BPWCZ, Claudia Köfer, on the right.

While on church matters, readers may be interested to know that it has been decided that the pews in St Matthias' church in Steinhausen will remain, and not be ripped out to be replaced by circles of chairs.

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