Middle Ages Festival to take place for the third time

Barely three weeks after the National Swiss-wrestling and Alpine Festival has taken place in August, another major event is to be staged in the city, namely the Middle Ages Festival.

When this last took place in 2017, some 20,000 visitors attended the event staged near the Burg Zug, the one prior to that having taken place in 2015 coinciding with the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Morgarten.

The event this year is to take place over the weekend of the 14 and 15 September, all organised by the Zug Middle Ages Festival Association (VFMZ). Bearing in mind the success of the previous two festivals, thousands of visitors are again expected the fill the streets of the Old Town. And knowing how popular the event has previously appealed to children, this age range is being particularly targeted this year, with lots of interesting and exciting activities planned for them.

There will be the opportunity to dress up as knights and members of the aristocracy, with stalls set up where people can buy mediaeval-style jewellery, soap, leather and other types of goods.

Then, particularly in the area of the Pulverturm (powder tower), and on Burgbachplatz, there will be stalls where different types of food and beverage typical of the period will be available, including mead.

As for musical entertainment, this will be provided by numerous musicians both from near and afar, playing music of the period.

Thanks to financial contributions from the canton, various municipalities and a number of local companies, no departure tax is expected to be levied on visitors.

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