Matthias Michel, director of the Department of Economic Development, to stand down in 2018

Matthias Michel, the director of the cantonal Department of Economic Development and previously director of education, has decided to call it a day and opted not to stand for re-election at the elections in 2018.
Michel, a member of the FDP party, made his intentions known to colleagues in a letter on Tuesday, saying that, after having served in the cantonal government since 2002, it was time to make way for someone younger.
Prior to his membership of the cantonal government, the lawyer had been a member of the cantonal parliament representing the city of Zug for eight years.
When he steps down from public office in December of next year, the 54-year-old said he would look to a role where he could call on the wide experience he has gained over the years, and did not categorically exclude holding further political office. Of note is that elections to the National Council and Council of States in Bern take place in October of 2019.
Looking back over his years in office in Zug, Michel said he was particularly proud of being instrumental in luring the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts to set up its School of IT on the Suurstoffi site in Rotkreuz. What is more, he still has other goals to achieve before he stands down.
Speaking in his capacity as chairman of the cantonal FDP party, Andreas Hostettler said he was sorry to hear Michel would be standing down, as he would be very difficult to replace, but he added that the party was in the happy state of being able to call on a number of strong personalities, without actually mentioning any names.

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