Locals go on adventure of a lifetime

Susi and Kurt Infanger returned only a few weeks ago from what was unquestionably the journey of a lifetime, driving from Hamburg to Hong Kong in a 53-year-old Mercedes sportscar.

Indeed, this 14,500-kilometre trip meant travelling through eight countries, including Tibet, in 60 days. Not that the pair were totally alone on this marathon journey, they travelled with 14 other Classic car teams and were accompanied by a doctor and a mechanic, the latter not being short of jobs over that time. Unusual types of food also meant quite a few unscheduled stops, and three teams actually abandoned the trip en route.

The Infangers were struck very much by the wonderful scenery they saw, not least the base camp of Mount Everest at over 16,400’ in Tibet,  though Chinese road signs, indecipherable to them, caused them a few worries. Other hazards included unmade roads in Uzbekistan and huge herds of sheep and yaks which blocked their way. They were also struck by huge uninhabited new towns in China.

It was 69-year-old Kurt who did the driving, supported throughout from the passenger seat of this red Mercedes 230SL by 67-year-old Susy. They mentioned how some of the most precarious driving conditions were on mountain passes in China, where safety aspects were not as high as those in Switzerland. Hygiene standards at the various stops they had to make were not as high as those here, either. Despite being so close together in all this time, they did not row once, only on one occasion was Kurt annoyed, when hotel staff, on the instruction of another member of the team, washed his car; after all, the mud and dust on it were a form of status symbol. Not surprisingly, both have a great attachment to this car, selling it out of the question.    

On returning home, Susy said she would not undertake that particular journey again, though she would consider others, using the same car, too.

It will not be surprising to learn that Kurt worked in the car business for decades, with Susy, actually the first ever woman elected to Cham council in 1987, a former ambulance driver with the Swiss army.

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