Local brewery benefits from increased sales at Fasnacht time

It will not be surprising to read that more alcohol than usual is drunk at Fasnacht time, with the Baar Brewery taking in as much as 2% of its annual turnover during the course of the seven-day festivities. On the other hand, other liquor trading companies and distilleries do not report such a spike in sales.

One does not have to look far to see people drinking on the streets at this time of the year. It has been said that people drink during Fasnacht time either to show they are part of it, or to be able to hang on in there until it is all over. Naturally, the usual laws in relation to the consumption of alcohol apply, staff at sales outlets reminded they must adhere to regulations regarding the non-sale of alcohol to minors. As for those who work in bars, under no circumstances should they sell more drink to someone who is obviously drunk.
Returning to the Brauerei Baar, their managing director, Martin Uster, confirmed the good business done at this time of the year, the brewery selling mainly its home brew, the “1862” lager beer in Baar itself, whereas elsewhere the “Bügel Spez” appears to be the favourite.
Beer is the most sold drink sold at the Weber-Vonesch AG company at Fasnacht time but, unlike the Baar Brewery, it does not notice particularly increased sales at this time of the year. “This is as a result of sport holidays taking place at the same time,” said Judith Weber of the company’s management board. “Hence many of our customers are away.”
Meanwhile, over at the Bösch Drinks company in Sihlbrugg, proprietor Hanspeter Bösch said that they sold more spirits at this time of the year, no doubt on account of those to those who liked a little tipple with their coffee. Whereas at the Etter distillery, no particular increase in sales of their products was noted at Fasnacht time, sometimes referred to as the “fifth season”.
Warning of what can happen when people drink to excess, Monique Portner-Helfer, the spokeswoman for Addiction Switzerland organisation, took this opportunity to remind people that, as a general rule, under no circumstances should drivers drink. Furthermore, she recommended that those who organise Fasnacht events should organise taxi services for those involved. “People who attend carnival events can let their hair down, but they should not vomit in other people’s cars,” she said, the rhyme of the original German lost, alas, in translation.

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