Lina Engelmann-Rölln receives visit from mayor

The mayor of Zug, Dolfi Müller, called on Lina Engelmann-Röllin at the Herti old people’s home on Tuesday and presented her with a bouquet of flowers on the occasion of her 102nd birthday.
Not that he had gone along unprepared; he had looked up all about the year of her birth, 1915, and reminded her of what had happened that year. For example, in Denmark, women were able to vote for the first time (Swiss woman having to wait a further 56 years) and Albert Einstein wrote his theory on relativity. Furthermore, Dr Alzheimer died. On hearing this, Lina Engelmann’s niece, who was also present on the occasion, said, “This must be why you do not suffer from it,” in reference to the disease named after him. Indeed, other guests present at the party mentioned how the birthday girl never had problems in recalling their telephone numbers. One other thing which Engelmann-Rölln had never forgotten was the cost of her appendix operation as a child, namely CHF 4.50.
She went on to say how she was born on a Sunday in Baar, the youngest of three children, before moving to Neuheim at the age of ten, attending the school in Menzingen, an hour’s walk away. She went on to become a seamstress, making undergarments and linen cloths. She was also a member of the church choir and particularly enjoyed Fasnacht time in Zug, which she considered better than the one in Lucerne. She married in 1944 at the age of 29, though as it was war time there were no great celebrations. Twice a year, she and her husband used to get in their car and spend a few days away, though never travelling far. “I always preferred it here in Zug,” she said.
The couple went on to open a dry cleaner’s on Grabenstrasse in the city, which they continued to run for ten years. Thereafter they lived in the top (14th floor) flat on St Johannes Strasse, where she remained for 39 years, and where she was well known for the attractive flowers on her balcony. Only two years ago did she move to the old people’s home.
While they never had children, she always kept cats. Even in the home she is a firm friend of a white one there. What she enjoys most of all these days is having people around her, so she can enjoy a nice chat with them.

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