Insider Tipps

We have created a insider tipps guide of special restaurants, hotels, etc.... These addresses have been recommended by people who have enjoyed the "wow" effect when visiting the places.  These are not  necessarily luxury places but special with an outstanding service, excellent cuisine, beautiful view, etc..... If you would like to recommend something you have experienced yourself please use our contact form.

  •  Restaurant Obermatt, situated at the Vierwaldstättersee, only reachable by boat.
    Great food, fantastic view and perfect atmosphere
    Recommended by Bas D., Unterägeri
  • I have only been at the Hotel Paradies in Ftan in Winter, but surely one can enjoy the fantastic food in summer too. , 
    Recommended by V. H., Zürich
  • Hotel Krone in La Punt near St. Moritz. a beautful old 500 years old guest house which was renovated a couple of years ago. The food is as well outstanding,,
    Recommended by Marc Manuel Kent Fischer, Zürich
  • Cool bar if you have a layover, or even looking something before a flight in Zürich
    Recommended by Jacqueline Adriano, New York
  • Grandhotel Giessbach, Brienz - great hotel and restaurant, next to waterfalls and a stunningly beautiful view over the lake of Brienz -,
    Recommended by Anais S., Zürich
  • Hotel Piz Umbrail, Sta Maria, Grisons.The best restaurant in the smallest place.
    Great hiking and the bear (coming from Italy) is back! .
    Recommended by Federico Pedinelli, Trento (I)
  • A very special Hotel in the Swiss Alps in which nothing has changed since the 30th of last century. 
    Recommended by Michael Strobel, Einsiedeln
  • Palazzo Salis in Soglio ,
    Villa Garbald , Castasegna
    Hotel Waldhaus, Sils-Maria
    I think all of them are really special!
    Recommended by Bettina Haberbeck, Basel
  • In Ticino, Ascona,HotelPark Delta.I spent my most great holidays there with my family
    Recommended by Agnes Kaluzny, Lausanne
  • Domaine Chateauvieux in Satigny - Genève. Great restaurant and also a very private hotel with 5 rooms.
    Recommended by Denise Kos, Geneva
  • Restaurant zum Pflugstein in Erlenbach ZH, , great view, great atmosphere, excellent food!
    Recommended by Natalie Albrecht, Zug
  • Try the the terrace lounge Le Deck in the Lavaux, the view is amazing and the region just became protected by the UNESCO.
    Recommended by Philippe Burnat, Lausanne
  • Restaurant Gupf, Appenzell - Great view, special wine cellar...
    Recommended by Stephan Buck, Zürich
  • "Les trois tours" in the near of Fribourg, a wonderful and really good restaurant. Small and excellent cuisine! By the way the city Fribourg is wonderful, too. There are many great restaurants there and it's a cosy and charming city!
    Recommended by Anne Christine Merholz, Fribourg
  • -Sonnenberg (FIFA) great view, great food&service,
    -Chez Fritz ( haute cuisine with great view),
    -Tao's (great garden and interior design),
    -Maison Blunt (great maroccan food and ambient),
    -Giesserei (GREAT in everything),
    -Blaue Ente (great in everything),
    Recommended by Goli Peluso, Zürich
  • Chez Heini, Zermatt, , Lamb specialists - the best!, after diner show
    Recommended by Raoul Julen, Zermatt