Get to know someone you might not ordinarily meet

The Zug Advisory Centre for Integration and the Zug Library are jointly organising a “Living Library” this month, whereby, instead of taking out a book, you can “take out” a person, someone with whom one might not ordinarily come into contact, 21 March being International Day against Racism.
These “Living Libraries” originated in Denmark in 2001, the idea behind them being to enable people to break down any prejudices they may have with regard to others, whether it be through race, religion, or any other reason.
Hence the following people can be “borrowed” for a period of 30 minutes on Wednesday 21 and Saturday 24 March, so they can engage with others they would not meet up with otherwise. These include a person suffering of borderline syndrome, a person who uses a wheelchair, a commodity trader, an Imam, a person who lives Polyamorously.

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