Four cars involved in afternoon collision on A4a motorway

Four cars were involved in a collision on the A4a motorway near Cham on Saturday afternoon. Fortunately, no-one was injured but police have issued an appeal for witnesses to come forward.

The accident happened shortly before 2 pm that afternoon on the Lucerne-bound lanes in the area of the Blegi curve. For reasons not yet clear, one vehicle came to a standstill on the right-hand lane, leading to two ensuing vehicles to brake accordingly. Unfortunately, two further vehicles failed to notice what had happened in front and crashed into the preceding vehicles. While the first-mentioned vehicle which had come to a halt was unaffected, the two ensuing cars were shunted together by two other cars behind them. The driver of the first-mentioned car then simply drove off without concerning himself with the subsequent collision.

As a result of the many questions which need to be answered in this case, the Zug police have issued an appeal to anyone who may have witnessed the course of events that afternoon to call them without delay on 041 728 41 41.    

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