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The Canton of Zug is situated in central Switzerland in the heart of Europe. Its 11 municipalities enjoy unique scenic beauty characterised by beautiful countryside and the picturesque lakes of Zug and Aegeri. The expat community particularly appreciates Zug's central location, with countries such as Germany, Austria, Italy and France all less than three hours away.

The stable political situation, excellent public transport and its proximity to Lucerne and Zurich are also the reason why many expatriates have chosen Zug to become their new home.


Zug in figures


approx. 240 km²


Baar  23'561 inhabitants, 
Cham 15'954 inhabitants, 
Hünenberg,  8'848 inhabitants
Zug,  29'256 inhabitants
Menzingen,  4'439 inhabitants
Neuheim,  2'154 inhabitants
Oberägeri,  5'940 inhabitants
Unterägeri,  8'583  inhabitants
Risch, 10'272 inhabitants
Steinhausen,   9'543 inhabitants
Walchwil  3'584 inhabitants


122'134 on 31.12.2015
(approx. 73 Swiss, 27% other nationalites)


Zug / Cantonal Website www.zug.ch


approx. 110 km² fields and arable land
approx. 9 km² pastures and uncultivated land
approx. 61 km² forests
approx. 33 km² rivers, streams and lakes
approx. 27 km² buildings


approx. 70% Roman Catholic
approx. 20% Protestant
approx. 10% others or no religious beliefs


approx. 67% trade and services
approx. 30% industry
approx. 3% agriculture

Residents by nationality (31.12.2015):  6707 Germany - 3078 Italy - 2181 UK - 1031 Spain - 906 Holland - 885 Austria - 634 Russia - 637 USA - 378 Sweden - 173 South Africa - 180 Brasil - Canada 185 (not all nationalities are listed here). For the whole list please visit the Cantonal Website www.zug.ch

Map source
Source inhabitants: Bundesamt für Statistik, STATPOP