English Theatre Group prepares to raise the curtain on a lively musical

It is now only three more days before the curtain rises on this year's presentation of the musical "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change," by the English Theatre Group of Zug (ETGZ).
Rehearsals have been under way at the Zug International School for some time (photograph) and naturally there will be some nervousness among all those involved.
"This year we are putting on a smaller show than usual involving just seven actors and actresses," explained Myrtha Schuler, head of PR of the ETGZ.
According to the company's website, the play, which is directed by Peter Gilbert, is "a hilarious musical comedy exploring everything you have secretly wanted to know about dating, mating and marriage as well as husbands, wives, kids and in-laws but were afraid to ask".
One act under rehearsal showed a scene in a restaurant with a somewhat uncertain woman sitting opposite a rather inhibited man, both making use of the menu to hide behind. They eventually begin to speak to each other hesitatingly but what really frees them from their awkwardness is when they suddenly start singing a song by Jimmy Roberts accompanied on the piano by this year's musical director Andrew Dunscombe. The man and woman then start flirting with each other and even end up dancing together.
In another scene, a young woman, played by Rachel Patterson, is anxiously waiting for a telephone call from her date and then, as is the case in musicals, suddenly bursts into song, as the other actors join in. What is clear from the rehearsal is that the level of singing is as high as their acting.
Other scenes portray the everyday problems couples and singles face in their encounters with each other in an amusing way. Indeed, whether members of the audience are married, single or in a relationship, they are all sure to feel they are addressed by the topics of this popular Broadway musical. As a result of the adult content, however, the ETGZ advises against children under 16 attending.
The musical will be performed on Thursday 3, Friday 4 and Saturday 5 October at 8 pm at the Chollerhalle in Zug with matinées on Saturday and Sunday at 3 pm.  

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