Zug in Safe Hands

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Dear readers,

This year the elections for the Federal Parliament – the House of Representatives and the Senate – will take place on October 20. The 200 seats in the House of Representatives are allocated in proportion to the population of the cantons. The canton of Zug has three seats. Currently, Gerhard Pfister (CVP), Thomas Aeschi (SVP) and Bruno Pezzatti (FDP) represent Zug in the House of Representatives. Gerhard Pfister and Thomas Aeschi will run for re-election; Bruno Pezzati will end his political career in Berne.

Each canton has two seats in the Senate with a total of 46 seats. Peter Hegglin (CVP) and Joachim Eder (FDP) represent the canton of Zug in the Senate; Peter Hegglin will run again and Joachim Eder will resign at the end of the year.

In Canton Zug, the federal elections promise to be quite exciting. In addition to the question of whether the current parties can retain their seats again, or if the left parties in the House of Representatives, or the SVP in the Senate will win a seat, these elections are also about the continued promotion of Canton Zug’s model of success.