Twinkling lights in nature

Imagine walking among hundreds of lanterns, each with it's own inspirational quote to guide your steps. It sounds like Christmas magic might be at work, but instead its the goodwill of locals who get out and make sure  the 300+ candles are lit by hand every night along the 3 km Lantern Trail. You can discover this festive phenomenon for yourself in Aegeri.

The lighted pathway was originally launched to mark the 300th anniversary of the Catholic parish within the municipality. They add a lantern every year and now there are 305. The trail begins at the Almigchappeli (Rainstrasse/Weststrasse) and passes through Büel and Wissenschwändi onto Buechholz. Trail access is signposted in the village. Along the way you can take a break at the Laternenstübli and have a bite to eat or enjoy a drink, and chat with others, etc. For more information about this path which will be lit from November 30 to January 4, click here.

For a closer to home experience, head over to Baar to get your Christmas spirit in gear. This year during Advent, more than 2,000 lights will shine onto a section of approx. 1.5 km at the foot of the Baarburg, and create a festive atmosphere. This path will be lit from November 29 to January 5, find out more here.
Hünenberg was one of the first to introduce a Christmas lighted pathway, and 800 lights have burned since 1999. On Friday, December 1, the Hünenberg Christmas market will take place in the «Heinrich von Hünenberg» hall. As of this date, the lights from the Trail of Lights will shine every night until 6th January 2020. The 1,5 km long trail is set up by the city maintenance services. This path lights up December 6 to January 6 with more information here.

And while not exactly in our canton, it's worth paying a visit to Sattel Hockstuckli. Enjoy a lovely winter evening stroll along the lantern route. The 2 km loop trail across the suspension bridge is transformed each Saturday evening from December until March into a shimmering path. The walk on the well-groomed winter hiking trail takes about 40 minutes. Discover more to do in the area here.

This is the perfect way for families, couples and friends to start off the Christmas season on the right foot. Each pathway has its own special charm. The candles and lights will remain on every night until the start of the new year, giving enough time to try them all. Imagine these illuminated pathways in the snow: a true winter wonderland to behold!


Source and Photo: Zug Tourismus