Things to Do This October Break

October break is a great opportunity to explore the local area and make the most of the colourful and mild autumn season. Enjoy the outdoors and visit new places – our guide will give you a great starting point for your plans as boredom is totally out of the question!

Pumpkins Galore | Autumn without pumpkins? Impossible! Visit one of the family-run Jucker Farms to view sizable works of art created with pumpkins of all shapes, colours and sizes. This year’s new theme is girl power and we recommend visiting the original out of a total of four locations, namely the Juckerhof in Seegräben. There you’ll also be able to enjoy the on-site restaurant, purchase fresh produce from the farm shop and have your go at pumpkin carving. 

Whimsical Adventure | The Park Seleger Moor in Rifferswil spans 120,000 square metres and turns into a formidable explosion of colour during the autumn months. Marvel at the wealth of flora and fauna, spot amphibians, birds and insects, and go exploring along winding paths. For a well-deserved break, stop at the park kiosk or designated barbecue area. There are also outdoor fondue evenings starting at 6 pm on 8 and 22 October.

Hustle and Bustle | The Lozärner Määs (Lucerne Trade Fair) takes place from 30 September to 15 October and is expected to attract 400,000 visitors to the city centre. More than a hundred market and food stalls as well as a large funfair make for a fun day or night out. 

Comfort Food | Chestnuts were once an important source of food. While still bountiful in certain cantons such as Ticino, this is no longer the case in Zug with Walchwil the last remaining stronghold. All the better that the largest chestnut market in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, Chestene-Chilbi, is taking place on 22 October in Greppen, a short 25-minute drive away. Use collected or bought chestnuts in recipes, as decoration or for crafts with children. 

Nature's Force | Visit the Höllgrotten in Baar while they are still open through 31 October. The hidden underground world dates back thousands of years and can be explored in all weather conditions. You’ll want to wear enough layers though, as temperatures in the network of dripstone caves only reach about 10 degrees Celsius.

Time Travel | Lenzburg Castle located in canton Aargau is one of Switzerland’s oldest and most historic castles and only a 45-minute drive away from Zug. Perched on a hilltop, the now museum offers a variety of exhibits, guided tours and activities for all ages and is open until 29 October. Children will particularly love the children’s museum and playground.

Autumn Camps | As every year, there are also many children's autumn camps to choose from, such as InterSoccer, NUEJO's, Chess4Kids, TechLabs or KiTi-Hof. These providers cater to English speakers in the Zug area and cover many different interests. You’ll want to hurry though as places tend to sell out fast!