Supporting Children’s Early Literacy Learning at Home

Since 1961, the International School of Zug and Luzern (ISZL) has provided children with engaging and meaningful learning. It has a reputation in the international school community for best practice in Early Childhood Education.

ISZL believes that language development is fundamental to learning. Their literacy programme at Early Years:

Through careful observations, teachers recognise significant moments for individual children and as they develop conceptual understandings around reading and writing. In these moments, teachers support children to further develop their skills and understanding. Children listen to and have access to carefully selected literature within the classroom and visit our friendly dedicated junior library regularly.

Early Readers

Early readers show an interest in books and the print they see around them. They observe and copy adult readers doing things such as holding the book carefully, turning the pages and using computer icons. They often read by using the pictures and their memories to retell stories.

Ways to support your child at home

Early Writers

Early writers role play the act of writing, experimenting with ways to represent written language either on paper or electronically. Early writers experiment by forming scribbles, letter-like symbols or random strings of letters, often using letters from their own name. While early writers may read their writing, others may not be able to.

Ways to support your child at home

Other activities that support fine motor development and pencil control include sewing, weaving, playing with playdough, cutting with scissors, sand and block play.

If you are interested in learning more about ISZL’s approach to reading and writing in the Early Years, read here.