Room for all

The Freiruum opened its doors in August 2019 and is proving to be a popular and diverse space for the community to come together. The 7600 sq2 meter warehouse has something for everyone: food and market halls, a sports hall (bouldering and trampolining in a large area for young and old), meeting and event halls as well as a cigar bar.

If you’re looking to have wifi and a space to work, you’ll also find it at Freiruum. The hip, industrial design as well as a minimalist decor create a welcoming and light-filled destination, with a mix of cozy areas and room for larger groups. We were able to chat with Kim Grenacher, Freiruum’s Marketing Manager and Co-Founder to find out more about this welcome addition to Zug.

Before it was Freiruum, it was a manufacturing facility. `Until the end of 2018 Siemens used the hall to produce small technical pieces for their products. As the news circulated that they were going to move out, we had the chance to visit the hall and fell in love immediately. The concept of Freiruum was already in our heads before and that day we found the perfect location for it.’

The design and décor is by Pointbreak (the agency behind Freiruum). `We do a lot of temporary gastronomy and we are loving creating the design and décor by ourselves. For Freiruum, for example, we have a lot of personal pieces as well. The piano which is installed in the center hall, is free to be used by the public and is my personal one. It is an heirloom from my grandparents and it makes me very happy to see it in such a beautiful place and how much fun people have using it.’

The agency works closely with friend and partner Gogo (Company Novalina), which brought in special and unique design elements as well as the plants. The food stands were well-thought out to provide plenty of different options for customers. `For sure quality was a main factor to get a food stall at Freiruum yet the concept has to be creative but still so familiar that people are not overwhelmed by the offers.’

We’ve been several times now to Freiruum and the offerings are delicious and a breath of fresh air. There’s no chance to get bored, and each individual in your group can choose whatever they fancy that day- a win/win for all. And it keeps getting better. Coming in mid-November, expect a pizza food stall and there will be some winter food trucks appearing at events. Like raclette at the Christmas Market on December 8th.

`People really like that you just can come here for lunch or an afterwork beer and always meet somebody from town. That’s super nice and we love that vibe,’ said Grenacher.  

So the next time you’re craving somewhere different to go & want to try some good food, or just want to have a casual night out with your significant other, consider the Freiruum. We're dying to get our friends out on the trampolines for some fun and then have a beer and bite afterwards. Don’t be surprised if you jump into us the next time you’re there!