New in Town: Macos Coffee Crafters

When they relocated to Switzerland two years ago, Alina and Marius were facing the same challenges many expatriates are all too familiar with - the desire to make new connections and integrate into the local community ultimately opened a window of opportunity. They had always been insanely passionate about coffee but now the brew took on a whole new meaning: it became a connector and conversation starter.

Fast forward and Macos Coffee Crafters has just celebrated its grand opening at the end of January. The renovated premises in a low-key office building in Steinhausen, is a true labor of love, spacious and thoughtfully upgraded by the couple themselves. A coffee bar welcomes one to enjoy and learn about the intricacies around the own-label specialty coffee that is roasted, cupped and packaged onsite. Behind the bar is Adela, a close family friend and trained barista, who as a painter could spend hours perfecting her latte art and is always open to sharing tips and tricks on how to best prepare coffee.

"Coffee is so much more than just the caffeinated drink compelling us to wake up in the morning. Coffee is as complex and intriguing as wine. Just like there isn’t only one wine, there isn’t only one coffee", says Alina. Macos Coffee would like to raise awareness about coffee’s complexity and its diversity. If you think about your coffee as you do about your wine, you’ll unlock a new world of distinct flavors. For the Macos Coffee team, coffee is also about people: from the farmers to importers to coffee roasters and baristas to the coffee drinkers. This is the other reason they have chosen to work only with specialty coffee.

Specialty coffee focuses on sustainability and ethical practices throughout the coffee supply chain from the farmers to your cup of joy. Specialty coffee is grown with much care and a constant pursuit of excellence, which is precisely why the green coffee beans come at a premium, ensuring farmers are compensated fairly for their work and passion. Macos Coffee Crafters goes one step further and places great emphasis on Fairtrade, sourcing their green coffee beans from a trusted sourcing partner, Inter American Coffee Schweiz, that offers them traceability down to the exact farm where the beans would have been grown and processed. From there, the green beans, which arrive primarily from Central and South America but also India and Kenya, are roasted to perfection by Marius who was previously a civil engineer but has since trained as a roaster with Bogdan Georgescu (World Coffee Roasting Vice Champion in 2019) and Adrian Riesen (Kaffeemanufaktur Riesen). Adela has trained as a barista in Coffee Lab Zurich. The training, which is approved by the Specialty Coffee Association, covers everything from coffee origins and characteristics to the preparation of the cup of coffee that is being served. The deeper she goes into this study, the more fascinating she finds it.

Macos Coffee Crafters’ collection now encompasses espresso blends and single origins (roasted for espresso or filter), all distinctly different and available for purchase in-store or online. In future, the specialty coffee roastery also hopes to be available in shops and food outlets as they pursue their mission to make delicious, high quality and sustainably sourced coffee more widely available for all to enjoy and come together. The team also hopes to one day source directly from the coffee farms.
Macos Coffee Crafters isn’t just the perfect place to enjoy a great cup of coffee but ideal for specialist coffee workshops with a close group of friends or small team in an intimate setting. Contact the shop for more information.

Opening hours:
Monday through Friday, 8.30am to 3pm

1st floor
Sumpfstrasse 32
6312 Steinhausen

+41 78 259 45 03