It starts with a "blopp"

Don’t try to speak Zug dialect to feel more at home in the region. Here’s a much better method: show that you are familiar with the regional characteristics and start your evening with a "blopp".

If you're enjoying an after-work aperitif with friends in Zug, you've probably heard it before: this tempting “blopp”. A refreshing, sparkling bang; sometimes it sounds like a shot. Don’t be alarmed when you hear it. It’s the sound of connoisseurs opening a flip top bottle of Bügel-Spez from the Brewery Baar. It’s the launch for a well-deserved end of the day or a refreshing party amongst friends.

But just the “blopp” and the distinctive relief flip top bottle are not the only reason why the Bügel-Spez is one of the most popular beers throughout the region. It’s all about taste.

Here a beer sommelier’s impression:
“The eye perceives the Bügel-Spez as very pleasant with a long-lasting frothy foam and it’s brilliant golden color. The nose immediately recognizes a clean smell, reminiscent of a historic vault beer fermentation cellar. The Bügel-Spez has a smooth, subtly bitter taste, a soft malt and hops scent and sparkles perfectly. This beer is suitable for light to medium-heavy dishes as well as for appetizers, e.g. soft cheese. Ideal also with spicy Asian cuisine or a beetroot salad.”

The flip top Bügel-Spez from Baar has been the region’s beer of choice for over 25 years now – that’s an entire generation. The empty bottles are cleaned again and again, filled with new premium beer and each flip top is closed manually. That's good news for the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) and - who knows - maybe today you drink from a bottle that already went over the counter 25 years ago. Quite sustainable; don’t you think so?

On its 25th birthday, the Bügel-Spez was awarded the Swiss Beer Award 2017 in gold. One more reason to order it the next time when you feel like having a good beer. And now you know: for Zug beer connoisseurs the real treat starts with a “blopp”. Cheers!

The Bügel-Spez is available in most regional restaurants, bars and pubs and of course directly at the Brewery’s own beverage store.

Langgasse 41
6340 Baar
T: +41 41 766 48 77

Opening hours:
Mon – Fri: 08:30 – 12:00/13:15 – 18:30
Sat: 08:00 – 16:30

Good to know: The Brewery Baar also offers guided tours in English, ideal for a great time with family, friends or colleagues.