Fondation KISS

The non-profit Kiss was brought to life in 2011 by Zug local Susanna Fassbind. "Kiss" stands for "Keep it small and simple". Through local or regional Kiss cooperatives mediated by specialists, volunteers can offer their support to people of all ages in all life situations through helping run everyday errands or simply offering companionship, for example.

The hours volunteers contribute are banked and can be redeemed as credits whenever they are in need themselves. In this way, the neighbourhood help initiative builds a form of fourth pillar. The advantage: unlike other old-age provisions, the pillar is independent from the financial market and doesn’t run the risk to lose value – an hour will always be worth an hour.

Are you interested in volunteering? Across Switzerland there are 20 Kiss cooperatives with two operating in the canton of Zug, namely Kiss Genossenschaft Zug and Kiss Genossenschaft Cham, which most recently includes Hünenberg too. No previous volunteering experience is required. In fact, 30 percent of members have never volunteered before.