Fitness in Zug: The 6 Minute Workout

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Thank god, gone are those days when we used to sweat in a gym under bad LED lighting, warming up on a crosstrainer with the rest of the peloton in order to get ready - at least according to the training plan on the clipboard - to stand in line for machine N°1, the merit of which is still a mystery. And when we finally get the chance to exercise on our machine N°1, our concentration quickly fades due to the animalistic sounds of two 18-year-old “pumping iron” enthusiasts. As you decide to call it a day and head for the protein shake bar you can still hear the two “bros” in their wifebeater vests congratulate each other for the nice benchpress. “The whole experience is inhumane!” says Julian, Co-Founder and CEO of the two-year-old Swiss health and fitness company Aurum. “Fitness is not about gaining six pack abs, it’s about having the health and physical capabilities to enjoy life. We want you to save time with us and reap the benefits for higher quality of life in the week following. In many ways, you buy the week after the 6 Minute Workout. 

It always bothered us. Today, you can receive warm meals delivered to your doorstep, cruise around in an electric or even self-driving car, order a cab on your smartphone, book chic and cheap vacation homes from private landlords and access Hollywood just in a few clicks. Why can’t we make strength training fast and reliable?” comments Julian. Turns out, we can. “One has to take a blank sheet of paper and look what is really needed to make it work for many people, then uncompromisingly provide it.” So, what’s needed?  

First science - the why. Especially when you work with biology, you want to establish a strong cause-effect relationship that is proven by solid science. Does it achieve muscle gain, fat loss and health? Aurum has found the answer in the High Intensity Training protocol. They even hand out a book at every trial describing the science and effects. 

Second to science is technology - the how. Technology is only a tool and a tool without a clear way to use it correctly is useless or even dangerous. Third and most important comes a personal trainer - the who. He or she needs to understand the science, apply it to you individually, correct and motivate you, and serve as a filter for the information that is meaningful to you. “There are many things we humans can do naturally. Correct strength training is not one of these things. The sooner we have that insight, the better. This formula works for everybody as proven by the Aurum score record holder, which is 94-years-old.” 

Lastly, people want to see progress. This is what makes them happy and makes any goal achievable. That’s why Aurum visualises the progress in its app. The 6 Minute Workout is for the pragmatic, savvy urban dwellers, who have so much more to enjoy in life than spend hours in a gym. It delivers all the benefits they can hope to achieve in mere 6 minutes a week. The time they save and the fundamental fitness they get enables them to do the things they love doing the rest of the week.