Fitness in Zug: How Can You Lose Weight Fast With Just One Workout a Week?

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Imagine doing one single workout that would make your body switch from fat-storing to fat-burning mode. If you’re looking to transform your body shape without spending hours in a gym, the type of exercise you need to do is High Intensity Strength Training. Céline, a personal trainer at AURUM Fitness in Zug explains this scientific method to lose weight fast so you can enjoy your summer stress-free.

High Intensity Strength Training is best for weight loss

High Intensity Strength Training stands for strength training at an intensity that keeps your heart rate high with short breaks between each exercise. The workout doesn’t have to last long - in fact, a 6-minute workout at maximum intensity is sufficient to make your body switch to that desired turbo weight loss mode for the 3 simple science-backed reasons:

#1 Increased adrenaline and cortisol release accelerates fat burn

When you exercise at high intensity, your body releases an increased amount of hormones adrenaline and cortisol. Release of this hormone combo promotes a fat burning environment within the body. It basically indicates to your body to tap into glycogen stores for energy. When these are emptied and muscles use up the glucose from the blood - which is the case during the High Intensity Strength Training - the body turns to fat as the primary energy source. That’s when the turbo fat burn mode is switched on.

#2 Strength training improves insulin resistance and sugar metabolism

The best thing happens after the workout: When you finish your high intensity strength training, your body has to refill those glycogen (sugar) stores and to do that it continues to burn fat for up to 48 hours after the workout. Basically while you’re lounging on a terrace. For the same reason carbohydrates that you eat afterwards are transformed into and stored as immediately available energy, not as fat (unless you eat a triple portion of pasta).

And it gets even better: When performing strength training at high intensity, you engage the Type 2 muscle fibres (fast-twitch) to do most of the work. This stimulates the muscles to take up glucose from the blood to be used as fuel. Hence, blood glucose concentrations decrease and insulin sensitivity increases. This means your metabolism improves, the food you eat is not stored as fat and you are able to maintain healthy weight in the long run.

In other words, it won’t make a big difference to your body if you occasionally eat bread, pasta and cake - your body will simply be able to handle it.

#3 More muscles mean increased basal metabolic rate 

Strength training is best to build muscles that not only look good but also burn more calories. This is because with more muscle mass, you increase your body’s basal metabolic rate. This means that your body needs a higher amount of energy, thus calories, to function even while you’re resting and doing absolutely nothing but watching Netflix.

To put it simply, if your body burns 1500 calories now while you sit and read this, it could be burning 1900 if you did High Intensity Strength Training. And yes, strength training is the most effective workout to give definition and toning which is what we want in summer and beyond.

Secret formula for faster weight loss

Combine High Intensity Strength Training with a pleasant low intensity activity such as brisk walking while listening to a podcast, hiking in the alps, doing yoga outdoors or simply playing with your kids - and you’ll see amazing results.

Ready to build strength and lose weight fast? Try AURUM for free. AURUM Fitness is your gym nearby for High Intensity Strength Training. It’s unique concept of personal training using its proprietary technology makes High Intensity Strength Training doable in 6 minutes once a week.

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