Bye bye paperwork. Hello Caveo.

Many of us have experienced the world of insurance as complex and behind the times. Digital insurance trustee Caveo is on a mission to change this and make your experience as frictionless as possible going forward.

Inaccessible and time-consuming is how many of us would describe our experience buying, claiming, and handling our insurance. The concept dates back to prehistory and it sure could do with a facelift. Countless policy options and many pages of jargon later, one can’t help but feel relieved once the paperwork is signed never to be looked at again. 

Fully aware of this frustration among customers, Caveo co-founder Alexander Hesselvik and his team are committed to doing better: “Our idea is simple. We are there to handle all your insurance policies and any related queries digitally, in one place.” In a nutshell, Caveo helps you search, manage, and make claims across all insurance and pension solutions via their platform and newly released native app. What insurance companies clients are signed up with has no relevance, though Caveo does offer a fully comprehensive advisory service to help you optimise your portfolio. 

“The pandemic not only fuelled a digital surge but also exposed loopholes in many clients’ insurance policies. Either because they didn’t have the right coverage to begin with or weren’t sure which policy covered what, be it in the domain of travel, health or other insurance types.”

As an expat who moved to Zug in 2003, Alexander further clarifies that the entire Caveo service is available in native English too. “Our experience shows that this massively simplifies the process for our customers, especially the newcomers to Switzerland.”

So, do you too want a simple, digital overview of all your policies? To take out your next policy at the touch of a button? To have Caveo handle all claims on your behalf? And receive all the above for free? Then visit or download the Caveo app for iPhone or Android. The entire onboarding process only takes 3 minutes and a Caveo team member will be in touch within 24 hours. 

Zug4You readers will further receive a CHF 10.- Sprüngli voucher, redeemable at all Sprüngli shops. Simply use the code Z4U in the Caveo chat following registration. 

Please note: one voucher applies per registration or family upon completion of a welcome call.