Autumn Adventures

There’s a chill in the air and the days are beginning to shorten. That can only mean one thing: Autumn is here! As we approach Herbstferien (Fall break from October 5-20th for schools) in Zug, we wanted to offer some ideas for things to do, so you can make the most of this lovely time of year.

Be a Detective
Over the course of the 4.5 km Zug detective trail solve puzzles, learn surprising and interesting information about Zug and have fun. This family activity will have old and young alike eager to discover the next clue. Starting at the Zug Bahnhof, a total of 17 puzzles must be solved to find the treasure (a small gift) that will be waiting at the end.

Enjoy National Swiss Castle Day on October 4th. Castles all over Switzerland will open their doors and let the public in to participate in workshops and events. Museum Burg Zug is no exception. This year’s theme focuses on «health,  medicine & hygiene» You and your family can learn some games from the past and participate in workshops (only in German). You can also have a go at some outdoor pastimes in the courtyard.

Oktoberfest awaits
From now until October 10th, why not take the family on a culinary journey to Bavaria, Germany? Restaurant Bären in Zug is hosting its 10th year of White-Blue weeks. There will be various Bavarian specialties (think hearty servings of sausage, roasted meats, potato salad and pretzels), live music on Friday and Saturday and this year the Munich Augustiner Oktoberfest beer will be available. `One, two, down the hatch! Great that you’re here!’

Go Underground
Visit the Höllgrotten in Baar while they are still open through October 31. Enjoy the gorgeous fall foliage in the Lorze ravine. Learn and discover more about these unique limestone caves between Lakes Zurich and Zug which date back thousands of years. A perfect family outing during the break or on one of the weekends.

Go Artsy
Feeling the chill in the air? Let the warm atmosphere of the Kunsthaus Zug give you inspiration.

Nothing is the same anymore, even though everything recently seemed so certain. A virus has changed our perception of the world and all we took for granted. We have suddenly been compelled to stay at home, returned to the confines of our local area and our near environment. This unusual situation invites us to ask critical questions about our relationship to ourselves, to our surroundings and to the world.

The exhibition BeZug (a play on the name of our city and on the German for connection/reference) asks these very questions, and by displaying works from our collection, it puts a focus on what is our own. An outside perspective is expressly included in this, for the exhibition brings together international artists whose works refer to Zug, alongside artists from our own region.





A little further afield

You and the chocolate factory....
In an impressive new building designed by star architects Christ & Gantenbein, the Lindt Home of Chocolate welcomes chocolate lovers from all over the world to Kilchberg on Lake Zurich. An interactive multimedia exhibition guides visitors through seven different chocolate worlds, which appeal to all the senses. In the ultra-modern Lindt café, guests are treated to delicious home-made waffle and chocolate specialties and have a great view of the spectacular 9 meter (30ft) tall chocolate fountain.

Amidst the unique atmosphere of the Lindt Chocolateria and under the expert guidance of the Lindt Maîtres Chocolatiers, visitors can learn how to handle chocolate and create their own personal chocolate masterpieces. Exclusive chocolate courses for groups of up to 60 persons can also be booked.


Pumpkins Galore
What would autumn be without pumpkins? The family-run Juckerhof in Seegräaben knows this is a wonderful time of year to celebrate pumpkins. This year’s theme is Music and guests will be amazed at the creative and sizable works of art on display, created with pumpkins of all shapes, colors and sizes. There is also an onsite restaurant, hofladen and even a labyrinth for kids to explore.


Pumpkins photo courtesy of Jucker Farm website.