Hauenstein Garden Centre in Baar
A gem in the heart of central Switzerland

We offer a wide range of home and garden products. In addition to a variety gardening tools and accessories and our large assortment of herbs, our garden centre in Baar also carries a wide selection of seasonal and indoor plants. We also stock many hardy plants that are able to withstand cold weather and survive the winter months. You can find matching pots and planters as well as stylish accessories in our boutique. A true gem for gardening enthusiasts.



Hauenstein Garden Centres in Rafz, Zurich, Baar and Winterthur
Paradise for garden lovers

Hauenstein Garden Centres offer a wide variety of high-quality plants for professional and amateur gardeners alike. Visit our locations in Rafz, Zurich, Baar and Winterthur. We will be happy to offer you advice and assistance to help you turn your balcony, terrace or garden into a "green oasis". With its large selection of garden accessories, seeds, pots and planters, tools and gifts, our boutique is also always worth a visit. We look forward to welcoming you! And to sharing our love of gardening with you.