Dental treatments:
 Our services - Your possibilities

Our dental treatments cover a broad dental spectrum. We treat you in an emergency and regularly, when your annual inspection at the dentist in Zug is due: We offer you all the possibilities of prophylaxis and dental hygiene. Our friendly dentists and assistants provide you with fillings, crowns or inlays and all other forms of dentures such as dental implants and prostheses. We also offer you orthodontic treatments and advise you if you are dissatisfied with your tooth position. And of course, we fulfill your aesthetic wishes - for example, if you want to brighten your teeth or beautify them with dental jewellery.

Also children are warmly welcome and we especially care of the desires, fears and special physical needs of the little patients for their dental treatment.

   Our dental treatments:



Dental Hygiene / Preventive Care

Restorative Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry

Dental Implants / Dental Surgery


Mouth Odour (Halitosis)

Root Canal Treatments

Orthodontics / Aligner

Pediatric Dentistry

Chewing Function Disorders

Snore Splints / Gumshields

Partial and Full Dentures

Fearful Patients / Treatment under Anaesthesia