Life’s too short to feel tense and worn out. Rid yourself of pain, relax and mobilise your strength at Massage & Bodywork.

Let go of your pain and live life to the fullest!  
Zentherapy® is a manual body therapy that helps erase muscular tension and pain efficiently and sustainably through applying healing pressure.  Zentherapy® encompasses approximately 300 body techniques and has a highly liberating effect.

Immerse yourself in sensuality and abundance!
Ayurvedic massages consist of flowing strokes performed with gentle pressure and using precious, warm herbal oils and herbal powders. The massage helps activate the lymphatic flow, eliminates toxins and leads to a deep state of relaxation.

Lu Jong
Draw health and strength from Tibetan Healing Yoga!
Lu Jong is a precious school of movement from Tibet. The focus is on your spine and, thus, on our body’s central support structure. Lu Jong is a simple practice that can have a life-changing effect.