The emergency centre team at Zuger Kantonsspital provides 24/7 emergency care 365 days a year. It provides a swift and expert response to all patients, regardless of the nature of the medical problem, patient age or the level of health insurance cover.

We recommend that you have the address saved on your phone or GPS to avoid panic in case of an emergency.

In case of an emergency, please use the following numbers: 

Acute life-threatening emergency or accident 
144 (Zug rescue service)

Suspected poisoning 
145 (Swiss poisons information centre)

Non life-threatening emergency or accident
Please call your GP. If he/she cannot be reached:
0900 008 008 (medical emergency service of Canton Zug, CHF 3.23/min)

Dental emergency
Please call your dentist. If he/she cannot be reached:
0844 22 40 44 (dental emergency service) and as a last resort 041 399 11 11 (Zuger Kantonsspital)