Welcome to Swiss International Music School! We are located in the center of Switzerland – Cham, canton Zug. We are an English, German (and other languages) speaking music school with a main focus on piano, keyboard, guitar, flute and clarinet lessons in your house, in your school or in our school in Cham. Individual instructions for children and adults are available from beginners through advanced levels in cantons Aargau, Zurich, Zug, Luzern and Schwyz.
We offer piano and guitar lessons for early childhood to encourage a love for music in young children, ages 3-5, and to help them begin learning to play piano and guitar. We help develop singing and listening skills while imparting an appreciation for many musical styles!
We help our students develop their musical potential in the most creative and expressive way, through singing and playing piano/guitar (or other musical instruments). We believe that one of the major reasons for taking lessons is to learn to appreciate and love music, to widen one's experiences in the process of musical study and to express one's inner emotions through the act of playing. This experience opens up new dimensions for both the teacher and student. 

In working with our students, we hope to bring forth their inner joy and passion for music, and to help them become capable of expressing themselves through the language of music. Also, we believe that our achievements are not confined by our "talents" only, but rather depend on how we approach our work, how we organize ourselves, and how we perceive our experiences altogether.

We transfer every lesson into an exciting, very rewarding music experience. Playing a musical instrument is fun, and the result is magical! We believe wholeheartedly that there is a spark of music in everyone that just needs to be ignited. Our mission is to provide any student of any level or ability the opportunity to express themselves through music. We become more and more inspired by our students every day and love helping students of all ages and experience to feel confident and motivated in their musical skills. We love to help our students make progress on their instruments through hard work, dedication, and fun! 

Please visit our Gallery to see our yearly videos of all music recitals.