Located in the centre of Zug, the Kunsthaus Zug is home to works of Swiss Surrealism and Fantastic Realism – and above all to a comprehensive collection of the “Wiener Moderne” (Viennese Modernism; Kamm Collection Foundation) acknowledged worldwide.

Yet it is also a museum which treads new paths. The Kunsthaus is not conceived as a reputedly neutral institution but as an active partner to artists. It accompanies them and provides the conditions for innovative projects often spanning several years. The dialogue with the public takes place on various levels and pursues the fundamental principle of interior and exterior: Here the building, the centre of our educational offers and shelter to our holdings, where the activities of collection, preservation, restoration and research are conducted; a peaceful, open atmosphere for the concentrated encounter with art. There the crossover into the public realm, the setting for size specific installations or activities which seek contact to the public.

The Kunsthaus Zug owns a special twelve-meter-long container, mobile and fully equipped to serve as a travelling exhibition space, since May 2002. “Kunsthaus Zug mobil” creates a forum for the dialogue with the public in unusual places near and far, initiates new kinds of art projects and conveys parts of the collection into the world outside the museum.

Since 1990, the Kunsthaus Zug has been housed in a sixteenth-century building complex altered by the architect Franz Füeg to serve this new purpose. The Stiftung der Freunde Kunsthaus Zug (Foundation of Friends of the Kunsthaus Zug), which also organizes art trips; the Zuger Kunstgesellschaft (Zug Art Society) manages the Kunsthaus and owns the collection. The town and the canton, sponsors, local and national foundations and 1,500 members and patrons together form the broader sponsorship network. A comprehensive art education programme provides for communication with the schools. And thanks to the popular Kunsthaus Bar and the Kunsthaus team, every visitor feels like a welcome guest.