Body Element - the following awaits:

A thoughtfully designed space, professional treatments and years of experience, as well as my personality, contribute to a welcoming and tranquil atmosphere.

The various body treatments are designed for well-being, fat reduction, detoxification and an overall improved skin complexion. Specialised endermology treatments reduce lymphatic problems and cellulite. 

Passion and dedication accompany me in my everyday. I start where others stop - an improved quality of life for my clients is close to my heart. Fascinated by the individuality of each one of us, I grasp complex correlations in regard to physical discomfort and help to pursue and alleviate symptoms. 

Various training and further education in different massage methods, facial treatments as well as coaching keep me internally and externally agile and flexible, which you benefit from as well!

I look forward to meeting you and achieving success together.

Martina Niklaus