Canton Zug, 18.11.2019

Zug voters elect Matthias Michel (FDP) to the Council of States

There was relief in the party leadership of the FDP (Liberal-democratic party) of Canton of Zug. Matthias Michel successfully defended the of Council of States (Ständerat) seat of Joachim Eder (FDP) in the second round of voting on Sunday. The Zug FDP is thereby still represented in Bern after losing its National Council (Nationalrat) seat to Manuela Weichelt (ALG = Alternative, the Greens) on October 20.

Michel (56) was elected with 17,206 votes. Acting Finance Director Heinz Tännler (59, SVP =Swiss Peoples party) received 13,857 votes, and Tabea Zimmermann Gibson (49, ALG) 6,949. Matthias Michel thereby prevailed against Heinz Tännler.

Canton of Zug: Council of States elections of 17 November 2019:
Final result of the 2nd ballot: 1 seat available

Matthias Michel               FDP              17,206 votes         elected
Heinz Tännler                    SVP              13,857                     not elected
Tabea Zimmermann       Greens            6,949                     not elected

In the first round of voting, second-placed Michel and third-placed Tännler were only separated by 83 votes, behind the re-elected Peter Hegglin (59, CVP).

Matthias Michel was clearly relieved after the official announcement of results, as was the FDP Party President, Carina Brüngger. "It was very important for the FDP," said Michel, "I am all the happier that I have been able to win the seat." He praised the performance of his party: "The party mobilised everything after the loss of the National Council seat on 20 October. I was also supported by other parties, such as the CVP (Christian People’s party) and GLP (Green Liberals). But even people who are not involved in political parties told me that they voted for me." He is also convinced that the voters in the Canton of Zug wanted to strengthen the political centre. "They want solutions. People in Zug seem to trust the centre better than the left- or right-wing parties.

Heinz Tännler (SVP) congratulates Matthias Michel (FDP) on his victory.

The three candidates in the second ballot for the vacant council of states seat: Tabea Zimmermann Gibson (ALG), Matthias Michel (FDP, elected) and Heinz Tännler (SVP).

Acting finance director Heinz Tännler (SVP) was only moderately disappointed. "I’m not surprised by the result. I knew that things would be tight. But that's the political life. One moment you’re at the top, another time just second. "The situation in the second ballot had not become easier for him, especially since the CVP and GLP had officially supported Matthias Michel, which had a significant effect on the result. He will continue his work as finance director of the Canton of Zug with full commitment. "That's why I was elected," he says.

The election outcome is unsurprising, especially since Heinz Tännler could only count on the support of his own party in the second ballot. This meant he had to campaign against all the other parties supporting either Matthias Michel or Tabea Zimmermann Gibson.

Tabea Zimmermann Gibson (ALG) had no illusions from the very start. "Many people thanked me for standing again in the second ballot. I wanted to give them a choice." In a press release, her party, the ALG, is pleased about the solid result. "In the Climate and Women's Year of 2019, it was important to me to offer the people of Zug a genuine social and ecological alternative in the second ballot," says Zimmerman.

Although he is not a representative of social and ecological values, Michel spoke in favour of the Glacier Initiative in the run-up to the elections. In their press release, the ALG said they hoped Michel “would therefore support climate protection measures." In the Council of States.

Cantonal councillor Tabea Zimmermann Gibson has yet to decide whether she would consider running for office on the Governing Council at the next opportunity.

The newly elected Councillor of States for Zug, Matthias Michel, will not be able to take up his duties as a representative from the first day of the new legislature. According to the schedule, he will start work later in the winter session, beginning December 2nd. The electoral result must first be declared valid by the Zug Cantonal Council. For this purpose, a Cantonal Council meeting will be convened on December 3 at 7.30 am, at which this validity will be determined. The session will last about 15 minutes. Only then will it be possible for Matthias Michel to take part in the Federal Council elections on 11 December as a Councillor of States.