Zug, 25.03.2019

Zug Post celebrates its tenth anniversary

We at the Zug Post do not like to boast, but we ourselves featured prominently in the Zuger Zeitung last Saturday as this week marks the tenth anniversary of publishing these articles in English to keep expats informed about what is going on here.

As Natalie Albrecht, the CEO of Zug4You, explained, back in 2009 it was mentioned at the Zug Chamber of Commerce that there was not enough information about local matters available for the expats who came to work in the many international firms based here. Hence, she got in touch with the Zuger Zeitung and duly sought permission to have articles translated, a partnership which has worked successfully for ten years now.

The smart new Zug4You and Zug Post websites were launched on Friday with a new logo and are now much more clearly laid out. What is more, they have been adapted to make it easier for people reading them on tablets or smartphones. The 47-year-old businesswoman mentioned how, in the past, expats used to come and work in the canton for a few years and then return, whereas these days people are staying longer or even settling here. “It is then that they want more detailed information about what is going on here,” she said, having herself come as an expat to Baar in1994, and stayed.

In considering how to upgrade the sites, she mentioned how she took into account feedback she had had from other expats and the Immigration Advisory Centre. As can be seen, there is much useful information about how to use public transport or go about recycling, for example. Then there is a section showing an extensive list of forthcoming events. Some of these are in German, but many expats are keen to learn the language and attend such events to help them increase their skills. Then it has been noted how locals, too, peruse the Zug Post as a way of improving their English and being kept informed at the same time.





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