Unter√§geri, 27.05.2024

Zug police appeal for witnesses

An animal abuser is up to mischief in Unterägeri: ducks have been shot at there, and one has been found with an arrow in its breast. The police are now looking for witnesses.

On Monday afternoon last week, an injured duck with an arrow stuck in its breast was found at the Bergwald fire site in the municipality of Unterägeri. Despite the injury, the animal was still mobile, which is why the gamekeeper (Wildhüter) who was called out was unable to catch it or put it out of its misery, as the Zug Police announced on Friday.

The injured duck from Unterägeri. The blue arrow in its breast is clearly visible      
This duck was killed by an arrow in March 2021.               
Photos: Zug Police
The duck was found with an arrow in its breast at the Bergwald barbecue site on Lake Aegeri                             
Screenshot, Google Maps


The Zug Police received two more similar reports on Whit Monday and last Wednesday evening. Once again, the gamekeeper was called out, who discovered an injured mallard in the "Birkenwäldli" area in Unterägeri on both days. This animal also had an arrow in its breast and could neither be caught nor rescued. It cannot be ruled out that it is the same mallard in all three cases, the police added.

Does anyone know anything about the person who shot the duck?
According to the observations made by the gamekeeper, it was probably an arrow from a bow or a crossbow. The Office for Forests and Game (Amt für Wald und Wild) has now filed a criminal charge, and the Zug police have started an investigation and are looking for witnesses.

Anyone who can provide information about the shooter is asked to contact the Zug Police by phone on 041 728 41 41.

A mallard duck (Stockente) was also hit by an arrow in Unterägeri in March 2021. The dead animal was fished out of the river Lorze by the gamekeeper. The investigation at the time did not lead to any suspects being found.