Canton Zug, 15.05.2024

Zug has been honoured in terms of sustainability

As part of the ‘Swisstainable’ programme of the Swiss Tourism Association (STV), Zug has been classified as "Destination Level I - committed", and is therefore one of six model regions in the area of sustainability in Switzerland.

"The award as a ‘Swisstainable Destination Level I – committed’ acknowledges our commitment to sustainability in the canton of Zug," said Dominic Keller, Managing Director of Zug Tourism, in a recent press release. "For us, sustainability is an obligation to protect natural and cultural resources. We thereby promote sustainable tourism that combines the needs of both visitors and locals, with long-term interests."

Through environmentally friendly measures and local initiatives, Zug Tourism raises awareness among guests, locals and local service providers with regard to sustainable travel and the development of sustainable offers, explains the press release further. The aim is to set a good example in order to ensure a future that is worth living for future generations and guests in the destination of Zug.

The Zug region excels in sustainability      Photo: Mathias Blattmann
Dominic Keller                                            Photo: Stefan Kaiser

The sustainability trend is moving forward
Through targeted sustainability events, Zug Tourism would like to raise awareness, act as a role model and create a strong awareness of more sustainable tourism (both environmental, social and economic). Aa demonstrable commitment to sustainability could unleash a great deal of potential for the entire region and its service providers.

Zug Tourism also notes that there is a steady growth in the target group of guests who value sustainability, and who increasingly expect tourism providers to implement sustainability measures and take sustainability aspects into account when designing their offers. The employment market has also shown that responsible businesses and destinations have a decisive advantage when it comes to recruitment and employer branding, especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers.

According to the press release, a systematic commitment to sustainability can further reduce dependencies, strengthen resilience and support good cooperation with partners in the destination. Studies have also shown that sustainable destinations recover more quickly from setbacks. In the future, it can also be assumed that the requirements in terms of sustainability commitment will increase due to new legal framework conditions, regulations and programmes.

"Those who prepare early and anticipate new regulations will gain a competitive advantage. Zug Tourism is seizing this opportunity and supporting service providers in the region to also become more sustainable," writes Zug Tourism, which is determined to continue to consolidate its leading role in the area of sustainability in Swiss tourism.

Not least because a consistent focus makes it possible to strengthen its image as a responsible destination and position itself accordingly.

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