Zug, 26.05.2023

Zug Cantonal Hospital sets new record

The Zug Cantonal Hospital provided more medical services in 2022 than in the previous year, for both outpatients and inpatients, and recorded a profit of CHF 2.9 million.

The Cantonal Hospital Zug can look back on a successful year. In 2022, 11,757 patients were treated as inpatients, as the hospital writes in a statement. This is 0.9 % more than in the previous year, and more patients than ever before.

In the outpatient sector, too, more treatments were provided than in the previous year, resulting in an 8.2% increase in turnover, to CHF 68.5 million. Overall, these developments culminate in an annual financial statement with a profit of CHF 2.9 million, compared to CHF 2.6 million in 2021.

Zug Cantonal Hospital provided more medical services in 2022 than in the previous year   Photo: Jakob Ineichen

The number of births was high, but not a new record: 989 babies were born in the gynaecological clinic in 2022, compared to 1,046 in the previous year. For once, however, there were significantly more boys born at the Cantonal Hospital in Zug: 538 compared to 451 girls.

The specialist staff at the Emergency Centre were also very busy: they assessed around 28,000 patients in 2022 – 13% more than in the previous year.

Investments of over CHF 15 million
The cantonal hospital is planning investments of more than CHF 15 million for 2023, the report continues, with investments totalling more than CHF 37 million being made in the past three years. The outpatient surgery centre and an interdisciplinary ward were opened in 202, for example. From last year onwards, the Zug Cantonal Hospital has also been offering computer tomography for heart patients, and the hospital pharmacy has also been producing cytostatics, a drug used to treat cancer, since April 2022.

The Cantonal Hospital also refers to changes to its Collective Labour Agreement (Gesamtarbeitsvertrag). With the aim of offering employees modern employment conditions, significant improvements to the collective labour agreement have been worked out together with the staff associations, from which employees have been benefiting since the beginning of 2023.