Zug, 16.05.2019

Young Alternative Party nominates its three candidates to stand for seats in Bern


Last Friday the Young Alternative Party nominated three of its members to stand for seats in the National Council in Bern. These are Julia Küng,18, Michèle Willimann, 28, and Luzian Franzini, 23.



Readers may remember Franzini was actually nominated earlier this year and that Küng (wearing glasses in the photograph), a pupil at the Cantonal School, has been an organiser of the Friday-afternoon pupils’ boycott of lessons to highlight the problems affecting the environment. Last week she reiterated her commitment in this area to ensure “younger generations will have a future on our earth”.


One of Willimann’s concerns related to the members of the current parliament. “Unfortunately, most of them are old men. It is time we women were more represented there,” she said.


What concerns Franzini is the lack of transparency when it comes to financial contributions to political parties, hence the party is looking to launch an initiative on this matter in summer.