Oberägeri, 17.06.2020

Walking about with a scalpel in his hand

A mentally ill man was seen walking about in public with a scalpel in his hand, and inflicted minor injuries to himself. He was stopped and taken to a psychiatric institution.

On Monday afternoon, 15 June, shortly after 4 p.m., several reports were received at the Control Centre of the Zug Police that a man was walking about in Oberägeri with a knife in his hand. The emergency services found the man a short time later on the Zugerstrasse in Unterägeri, according to a statement from the Zug law enforcement authorities. When the 43-year-old saw the police officers, he suddenly fled, but was caught and stopped after a few steps.

According to the police report, the Norwegian had previously inflicted several superficial cuts on himself with a scalpel. The 43-year-old was taken to hospital by ambulance, where a specialist doctor ordered him to be placed under car, and the man was then brought to a psychiatric institution.

As the man had tried to evade the police check and had threatened the police officers several times during the operation, he will have to appear before the public prosecutor's office of the canton of Zug for obstructing an official act, as well as for violence and issuing threats against officials and authorities.