Canton Zug, 15.09.2020

Visual prelude to the Genuss Film Festival

Working together with PhotoSchweiz, the Genuss Film AG has curated a photographic showcase on the topic of "Eating, Drinking, Enjoyment" in the Rathauskeller Zug. The subjects are creative, international, enticing ...

In bright autumn weather, the visitors to the vernissage gathered in the open air in front of the restaurant. As soon as the doors opened, they moved inside and were already able to start to enjoy themselves as they entered the foyer, where the visually seductive interpretations of five renowned photographers from the region were hanging on the wall.

Thanks to a manageable number of visitors, no special corona pandemic regulations had to be observed.

Date with sea food
People strolled around, chatted, enjoyed themselves. "The works of the photographers selected by PhotoSchweiz will be shown today, and the pictures will remain in the Rathauskeller until next year," explained Matthias Luchsinger, general manager of the Genuss (Enjoyment) Film Festival. The host Stefan Meier and his team were particularly pleased about this. The creations of the three Zug photographers hang on the wall. For example, a multi-row necklace made of grape sugar adorns a model's neck. "I've connected sweet things with pleasure ever since I was a child, and that hasn't changed to this day," says Samir Benkhachan, laughing. The 18-year-old autodidact from Zug is the youngest participant in the photo exhibition.

Helen Gebregiorgisch, artistic director of PhotoSchweiz, presents the works.

Evgeny Nuzhaev, on the other hand, had decided to merge his paintings. The female flower meets the sea food for a classic date, in which you have to express appreciation for each other and enjoy yourself. The only Zug lady in this exhibition has visually captured her trip to Harbin, in the north of China. Ladina Schillig depicts the delicacies of street food sellers in her photo series. What makes them special are the steaming pots in the streets of an area that struggles in winter, with temperatures dropping to minus 30 degrees. "Despite this, the street food sales continue, which fascinated me," says the 27-year-old.

Prize money beckons
During the coming week, films and fine food will meet daily in Zug as part of the Genuss Film Festival. "Every evening, one of the photographers will present his/her works," says Luchsinger. Visitors can cast their vote using a postcard with the photo of their favourite. "On the final evening, on 24 September, the winner will be announced in the pavilion." The winner will receive the "Genuss Foto Award", which is endowed with a cash amount of CHF 1,500 francs, donated by the Friends of the Genuss Film Festival association.