Canton of Zug, 12.06.2021

Vaccinated and recovered people can apply for Covid certificates from 16 June

The certificate should make things easier In the future for tested, recovered and vaccinated persons, both at home and abroad.

The personalised Covid certificate contains information about the Covid-19 vaccination, recovery from a Covid infection, or a negative PCR test or antigen rapid test result. The heart of the Covid certificate is the QR code. This makes the certificate forgery-proof, thanks to an electronic signature, and guarantees the authenticity of the Covid certificate. The Covid certificate has been created as a PDF document, and can then be transferred to the "Covid Certificate" app.

"The Covid certificate is an important step towards normalising the situation. I am pleased that a well-functioning solution has been found so quickly," says Martin Pfister, Director of Health in Zug, in a press release by his directorate.

How the population of Zug will receive the certificate:

Recovered persons must fill out a form from the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH/BAG), which is available via  They will then receive the certificate by post within one week. People who have received a positive PCR test and have then completed the prescribed 10-day isolation are considered to have recovered from the infection. This form will be available from 16 June.

According to the press release, vaccinated persons who have already received both vaccination doses will be contacted by SMS or, in exceptional cases by letter, from 16 June and will be informed how they can receive their certificate. These people do not have to take action themselves. From 21 June, the certificates will also be handed out on the spot, immediately after the second vaccination (vaccination centre in Baar, pharmacy or doctor's practice). People who have recovered from Covid in the last 6 months will receive the certificate after the first vaccination.

Tested persons will also receive their certificate after a negative test result from 21 June. For this purpose, they must be explicitly state before the test is carried out that they want a certificate. In the case of PCR tests, this can be automatically delivered to the "Covid Certificate" app, in the case of rapid antigen tests, the certificate is issued at the test site. No Covid certificate is issued on self-testing.

Certificates are valid for different lengths of time
It should be noted that the certificates are valid for different lengths of time:
For vaccinated and recovered persons, the validity is 180 days;
For negatively tested persons, the certificate is only valid for 24 hours (for antigen rapid tests) or 72 hours (for PCR tests).

All three certificates have the same validity within this period of time – so there is no distinction between tested, recovered and vaccinated persons. The scope of the Covid certificate will be decided by the Federal Council at the end of June.