Baar , 18.06.2021

Unofficial Wildenburg cycle path to remain closed

A popular route for mountain bikers and hikers from the Winzrüti in Allenwinden over private land down to the Lorzentobel bridge is currently closed due to a construction site. The landowners want to make the closure permanent, however.

It was never officially created or approved, but was simply tolerated. The so-called Wildenburg Trail – a trail that is mainly used by bikers – leads from the Winzrüti over private land west of the Schwarzenbach, more or less along the edge of the forest, before it joins the official hiking trail a few metres above the Lorzentobel bridge.

East of the Schwarzenbach, an official hiking trail leads over the Wildenburg and the Schwarzenbach leads down to the Lorzentobel bridge. This trail is not suitable for mountain bikers, however as it has steps.

The closure of the Wildenburg Trail will remain in place.
Image: Maria Schmid (Allenwinden, April 26, 2021)

The Wildenburg Trail has been closed for safety reasons from the beginning of July 2020, because construction work is underway in the Winzrüti. Bikers were asked to divert to the Allenwindenstrasse via Inkenberg and Moosrank, or the Dorfstrasse via St.Meinrad, Schmittli and the cycle path through the Lorzentobel. "These routes are just not that interesting for bikers," explains Zari Dzaferi, Head of Security for the municipality of Baar.

Petition for reopening
The Veloclub (cycle club) Baar-Zug submitted a petition with 729 online signatures, in which it requests the unrestricted reopening of the Wildenburg Trail after the completion of the construction work. The landowners have refused this. however. "The municipality of Baar had already asked for a conversation with the landowners beforehand," clarifies Zari Dzaferi. Various possibilities have been discussed regarding the relocation of the tramping path. "The most effective option was to move the path eastwards into the forest."

An exceptional permit is required for construction in the forest, however,. "Clarifications with the Cantonal Office for Forest and Game (Amt für Wald und Wild) showed that this route would not be eligible for approval," says Dzaferi. Because a permit is only granted if there are valid reasons. "As there is an official hiking trail in the immediate vicinity and there are also alternatives available for bikers, any application is doomed to failure." The refuge of the wild animals must also be respected.

"We regret that this popular path will no longer be accessible in the future, says the Head of Security. " But we respect the right to private property." A possible building application for a path would have to be made by the landowners. "If they want to discuss further variants with us, we are willing to talk," adds Zari Dzaferi.