Cham / Gisikon, 20.03.2024

Two people injured and significant property damage

Two people were injured in a collision between a van and a car. A second rear-end collision only resulted in property damage.

The first rear-end collision occurred on the Sinserstrasse in Cham on Tuesday morning, shortly before 7 a.m. According to a report from the Zug Police, a 42-year-old van driver realised too late that the traffic in front of him was only moving slowly, and crashed heavily into the rear of a 51-year-old car driver's vehicle. The collision caused serious injuries to the car driver and minor injuries to the van driver. Both men received medical treatment from the Zug Ambulance Service and were taken to hospital. Both vehicles were total write-offs.

In this violent collision, the car driver was seriously injured and the driver of the van was slightly injured  
The rear-end collision on the A14 caused traffic jams in the morning traffic.           
Photos: Zug Police

Around an hour later, at 8 a.m., the emergency services had to respond to another rear-end collision on the A14 motorway between Gisikon and the Rütihof junction. A collision took place between a van and a car in the overtaking lane. According to the police, nobody was injured, but the accident caused a traffic jam on the A14 motorway in the morning traffic.

Source: Zug Police